Call for Papers

It is our pleasure to announce the Third International Congress of Interdisciplinary Rhetoric and the Fourth National Rhetoric Colloquium to take place in the Department of Philosophy and Letters at the Universidad Nacional de Tucumán, Argentina the 6-8 of September 2017.

Rhetoric is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that addresses interpersonal relations, individual orientations, social relations, intellectual perspectives, esthetic discussions, and political ideologies. Language and discourse organize social relations and shape how people engage with complex systems of representation.

Rhetoric considers how the tools of democracy and non-violence intersect across the diverse modes and processes of contemporary communication. From the theoretical schema for rhetoric developed in ancient Greece and Rome we have gained a sense of the similarities that remain throughout the centuries. The principles and uses of rhetoric as a science, art, and practice have retained remarkable consistency, allowing us to offer a notion of a “received rhetoric.” The rebirth of Rhetoric represents a middle road between absolute relativism (which remains very viable in some camps) and dogmatic rationality and logic.
Rhetoric has returned to put an end to the crises of subjectivity and reason that has tormented the twentieth century. Let us participate, at a planetary level, in the resurgence of Rhetoric. The situation is not separate from current social, political, and cultural changes that have given urgency to the many political debates and citizen actions in the diverse spaces of daily life. Contemporary thought has rejected absolutist concepts that led to the decline of Rhetoric. Let us participate, also, in the displacement of the centrality of reason (paradigmatic since the 19th century) in contemporary public, cognitive, and discursive life.
The Grand Narratives, historical certitudes, as well as the dogmas and principles of other periods, have suffered an irreversible loss of credibility: everything is (again) open to question. When ideological systems crumble, Rhetoric is reborn. The urge to submit human affairs to a rigid and exclusive truth has failed; only the undervalued ideals of negotiated consensus, agreement, and coexistence remain. Rhetoric, in its triumphant return, distances itself from the univocal, the absolute, the indisputable, the unquestionable, the certain, and the dogmatic.

The Third International Congress of Interdisciplinary Rhetoric and the Fourth National Rhetoric Colloquium will provide an opportunity for scholars to come together and discuss the interdisciplinary aims and challenges of the field.